Leave A Lasting Legacy

Planning for your wealth when you are no longer here is one of the most selfless acts you can complete while living. With forethought, your assets can foster and encourage a strong work ethic, happiness, good health, and financial opportunities, while easing burdens related to healthcare, education, housing, or support as you determine.

Together with your attorney, we craft your legacy plan, aligning your goals with your values, centered on helping your beneficiaries lead productive, satisfying, and meaningful lives, or to take risks and seek opportunities that may otherwise be beyond their reach.

Areas of focus:

  • Estate planning
  • Preparing your heirs
  • Charitable planning

Your estate’s distribution should be overseen by people who you choose and trust. With proper planning you can prepare for the unexpected and can significantly reduce the impact of taxes on your estate. Our process, built on a deep understanding of your estate planning goals, provides checks and balances to help ensure impartial and reasonable execution of your plan, addressing imperatives such as:

  • Taxation
  • Healthcare/special needs planning
  • Protection from creditors or the potential divorce of your children
  • Financial imprudence


Who gets what, when, and how


People you trust to act as trustee, trust protector, or executor


Ongoing for business or real estate assets

Income Planning

For surviving spouse and remainder beneficiaries


Freezing, reducing, or eliminating tax liabilities

Preparing your heirs

Preparing your heirs to be good stewards of your wealth is a critical concern many of our clients face. With your guidance, your children and grandchildren can be empowered to achieve their maximum potential, both professionally and personally.

charitable planning

Many of our clients aspire to create a living legacy through good works and financial generosity during their lifetimes or upon their passing. We can help you identify and pursue charitable planning actions that align with your values.

Outright gifts/bequests
Donor-advised funds
Charitable lead or remainder
Private foundations

Lincoln Financial Advisors Corp. and its representatives do not provide legal or tax advice. You may want to consult a legal or tax advisor regarding any legal or tax information as it relates to your personal circumstances.

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